Transformed of mushrooms

Mushroom Flour

Dehydrated Mushrooms

Olive oil flavored

Balsamic Vinegar

Jams and Honey

Chutneys and Pickles

Powders and Dried mushrooms

Mushrooms have a highly nutritive value, are rich in fiber, in vegetables and in proteins. Due to dehydration, we can preserve all of  its components intact until the moment of its preparation. Without the adding any starch or other ingredient. 
Equivalence between fresh and dried mushroom: 9 kg of fresh mushrooms result in 1 kg of dried mushrooms.

Excellent for cooking s sauces, soups, risottos, pies, fillings or for potentiating the mushroom´s flavor in several dishes,  for sprinkling scrambled eggs or grilled meat and  to add to bread crumbs for breading any food. Ideal for making bread or fresh pasta. Produced with 100% dehydrated ground mushrooms. 

Rehydrate the product in warm water for 15 to 20 minutes; After hydration cook as fresh mushroom; recommended to enrich pasta dishes, risottos, stews, to accompany meat dishes or vegetables, and scrambled eggs and pies. The water of hydration can be used to enhance the taste of mushroom in any sauce or for cooking rice or pasta.

Olive oil flavored with Mushrooms  

Product made with extra virgin olive oil of Portuguese origin-region of trás-os-montes (DOC name), combined with the best wild  mushroom selected and dehydrated.
Olive oil is particularly suitable for meat dishes, steamed fish, and even in pastas.

Range available
King; Truffle; Cantharellus; Shiitake; Grifola frondosa; Pleurotus.

Mushroom Balsamic vinegar


Is produced with selected mushrooms that go through a cooking with spices to create a type of concentrate which is then fermented in a slow aging process which will concentrate the flavors.

Ideal for seasoning salads.

Jams and Honey

Mushroom preserves
Mushroom preserves were developed to accompany with cheese and meat. Produced with selected mushrooms.

• Honey with Dried Mushrooms
Produced with heather honey and dehydrated pleurotos  mushrooms powder. Can be used for making dishes, added to yogurt and smoothies or with natural sweetener.

Chutneys e Pickles

Produced with various types of mushrooms, cinnamon, fruit, spices and onion give  a bittersweet flavor to these chutneys.
Try serving with cheeses (fresh mozarella, island, cured sheep or goat), scrambled eggs, pasta, fish or grilled meat, smoked salmon, salads and toasted bread or toast.

The pickles are produced with cultivated mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus). Have a very nice taste given by the presence of some spices like Bay leaves, gorse and garlic give the pickles a peculiar flavor.