The Company

"To develop, produce, serve and commercialize with quality fresh and transformed mushrooms and other horticultural/forest products, aiming for the satisfaction of clients, respecting the individual, the society and the environment."
Segredos da Floresta is a name brand that is a result  of a broad experience  and dedication to the fantastic world of mushrooms, a rich, versatile and extremely delicious nutriment.

Betting on the  diverse  forms of consuming mushrooms and other forest products. From fresh, transformed  and dehydrated mushrooms to liqueurs, jams, honey, chocolate, flours and seasonings , produced in an artisanal way and always with products of excellence, respecting  the environment   and nature.

To be a  company recognized in the market, based on cooperation with all the intervening elements (suppliers, collaborators, customers) and on social responsibility and economic-financial growth.

Respect customers.

Rigorous and punctual in fulfilling the obligations with collaborators, clients, suppliers and partners.

Excellence and competence in manufacturing and marketing the products.

Human resources as a fundamental piece in the search of customer service and satisfaction.

Ensure quality control of products and service.

Respect the environment.